5 6/23/2017

Great as always !!!!!

5 6/21/2017

Very friendly and quick.

5 6/16/2017

Best. Service. Possible. Fully explained everything, and asked permission before they did it, did nothing I didn't want, and everything I did. Additionally, they were able to fix the problem that I didn't think could be fixed with my alignment. I will never go anywhere else in Clarksville. Excellent mechanical and customer service.

5 6/12/2017

Very nice and professional and the did a great honest job

5 6/10/2017

I brought my car in after being unsatisfied with my previous mechanic. He had replaced my water pump, and radiator and told me that it was my manifold intake gasket that was still leaking. His previous diagnosis didn't seem right to me considering where my coolant leak was. I called to make an appointment for the next morning which unfortunately wasn't available but I dropped my car off for the afternoon and Uber-ed to work. Returned their missed call when I got off, and was told what was wrong with my car. It wasn't at all my intake gaskets. Turns out a LOT of stuff was wrong. Enough that the guy simply recommended me to look for another car. They didn't push for me to get it fixed. THAT honesty is what will bring me back. Picked it up and all that. I've had that car since high school, and wasn't aware/taught all of the req'd maintenance beyond oil changes, tires, and brakes so coming to terms with getting rid of it was kind of hard as it was a good car. The way the guy handled all of that really helped. While I'm never a fan of how much corporate shops charge, this visit won me over to Honest-1 wholeheartedly. The guys in Clarksville are awesome. TL;DR: Their name is Honest-1 for a reason. They're great.

5 6/9/2017

Very happy with the service and professionalism

5 6/7/2017

I scheduled my appointment online. My car was serviced in a timely manner. l was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Also l was grateful for the professional care and courtesy l received during my visit.

5 6/7/2017

Excellent customer service. They took time to explain what was going on, and answer questions. They did not try to add on a ton of extra services to the visit.

5 6/6/2017

Awesome service!

5 6/5/2017

Quick Service, comfortable waiting room with free coffee and snacks, clean and neat restroom, free WI-FI, TV, and reasonable price for service rendered.